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Learning Solutions for Organizations
Build a Dynamic Learning Culture

My Approach

I provide in-depth strategic direction for your organization’s learning and talent development initiatives. I am especially passionate about helping new and growing businesses find their learning culture, one that promotes investment in a shared mission, excitement, talent growth and retention. I do so by focusing on key questions, including:

  • What is your organization’s current learning culture?
  • Is your team simply being trained for conventional knowledge acquisition (compliance training, certification, etc.) or do you foster a drive for proactive learning, creativity and growth?
  • What tools and strategies are you employing to accurately and effectively track your team’s learning outcomes?
  • Do you cultivate and reward a learning mindset that anticipates and embraces the ever-changing landscape of your business?

Once we arrive at an assessment and establish a learning plan, I work to match your organization’s new, competency-based learning outcomes with the best pedagogical approach, e-learning platforms and curricula to achieve them, ensuring that they are scalable and align with your strategy and organizational mission. I also provide guidance on how businesses can partner with external educational entities.

Ready to build a dynamic learning culture?

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