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Dr. Harford has been a valued advisor and coach to me now for five years. He was instrumental in guiding my academic success in undergraduate education, and has continued to provide sound advice and mentorship as I navigate my professional pursuits. Always placing the needs of others ahead of his own, Dr. Harford has demonstrated to me what it means to be a mentor. His selfless attention to my needs and concerns has been the cornerstone of our successful association, and I can honestly say I would have floundered at times were it not for his steadfast support. It is with great pride that I call Dr. Harford my mentor and I would not hesitate to call upon him at any time knowing he will always be available. That is his nature, as many others will attest to, and what serves as his greatest asset. Few people can demonstrate the devotion to others that Dr. Harford displays for so many on a regular basis. I consider myself extremely lucky to have crossed paths with him; I am all the better for it.

Emil, Filmmaker/writer

It is difficult for me to understate the positive impact Tom’s support and guidance has had on my academic career during my undergraduate education as well as the stressful periods of navigating and adjusting to graduate life. In the six years that I have known and worked with him, Tom has never failed to provide support, encouragement, advice, and good humor in our many interactions. He has pushed me to strive towards goals I would have been afraid to seek on my own, and has been a voice of reason at times when I was tempted to take too much on, whether academically, socially, or personally. Tom’s personal, professional, and intellectual generosity astound me, and I have seen that generosity make positive impacts in the lives of countless of my colleagues and peers. Not only have his support and guidance aided me in continuing to thrive in my education, they have also inspired me to seek out opportunities to do the same for others, both personally and professionally.

Sarah, Doctoral Student in Classics

Finding the right major is usually give-and-take between what looks good on a resume and what you are truly passionate about. Tom provided me with an empathetic, yet pragmatic approach that helped me to ensure that I had the best of both worlds. He offered valuable insights about how my academic interests can translate into professional skillsets, and possible career paths. Moreover, beginning college usually means entering into a high-pressure environment, and the learning curve is almost always steep. This manifested into a lot of stress and anxiety for me. Tom was extremely helpful, providing effective strategies that alleviated the worst of my conditions and increased my productivity. Also, Tom is mellow and very nonjudgmental. He fostered an environment where I could always feel secure approaching him with any concerns.

Inna, Recent Graduate

Tom coached our daughter during her undergrad studies. As parents, Tom made us feel very much part of her educational experience. She was facing some challenging obstacles, and he not only worked very successfully with her, but made sure we were included and also felt supported throughout. He turned it into a wonderful team effort and we all grew in the process. He has our ongoing gratitude.

Guy and Joan, Parents

Tom is the quintessential advisor and consultant when it comes to navigating crucial academic decisions. From the second that I met him, I knew that he was someone who would hear me out while keeping me mindful of what is expected of me as a student. Tom intuitively pinpointed my strengths and weaknesses, and how they placed me at an advantage or disadvantage within different academic disciplines. He used his vast experience to guide me through the most difficult academic obstacles, helping me leverage my strengths to overcome areas where my confidence was low. He always combines an easygoing, affable manner while still maintaining a professional demeanor. These things are difficult to find in the world of academics, so meeting someone with both of these qualities is truly amazing.

Michael, Recent Graduate

My PR firm needed guidance on expanding our services into the higher education market. Tom led our strategy sessions and mapped out a clear business plan, while also providing valuable steps for identifying and developing internal talent for this initiative. We now have a clear path forward. From start to finish, Tom went above and beyond in his partnership with us.

Val, Managing Director of NYC Public Relations Firm

I was fortunate to have found my way to Tom, who worked with my daughter, who had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder the year before enrolling in a highly selective University. From the first of many meetings he was thoughtful, helpful, compassionate and informative. Ours was not a simple situation and Tom wound up being our advocate and guide with the administration, the faculty and every other problem we had to deal with. In short, he was there every time we needed him. I honestly don’t think we could have gotten through without him.

John, Parent

Tom Harford mentored me during three years of academic study. He was a kind and well-disposed advocate, and was instrumental in my success. I had struggled at times in both my academic and personal life, and Tom was an anchor for me during that time. I was able to get the professional help I needed to fulfill my academic requirements and was happily able to attain my degree. He was particularly influential in transforming my academic endeavors into a serious pursuit of publishing my first book of poetry. I maintain my unwavering gratitude to him for his generosity and professionalism in guiding me in both my academics and career.

Merlin, poet and artist